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Become a Leader in Giving

True leaders come from all walks of life. What unifies these diverse individuals is their common commitment to lead by example. With an annual contribution at a leadership level to United Way of 1000 Lakes, you can join an elite group of community leaders who demonstrate exceptional generosity and leadership through philanthropy.

Contribution Levels:

Community Builder
$2,500 or more

Leadership Circle
Bronze  $500-$999
Silver  $1,000-$1,999 
Gold  $2,000-$2,499

Emerging Leader
$250 and under age 40

Community Benefits

Access to new resources -- New dollars from leading donors enhance the ability of United Way to efficiently respond to emerging community needs.

Recognition of new community leaders -- Members are recognized through special invitations to help others through leadership opportunities, giving back through volunteerism, and connecting with other individuals who share passion for helping people.

Individual Benefits

Community awareness -- Leadership communications increase understanding and awareness of community needs.

Positive image -- Donors are perceived as positive role models for their peers helping to increase the level of participation and leverage community resources to make greater impact.

To learn more about starting or building your investment, call 999-7570. Click here to make a contribution.